Sunday Celebration: Living in The Present with Rev. Susan DeLorenzo

Jan 01 2023
10:00 am - 11:30 am
This event is free, but all donations are greatly appreciated!
Title of Talk

Living In The Present

1-1-2023??? What will that bring? Do I make a “New Year’s Resolution”? These are a few of the questions we are invited to ask ourselves. I find these questions quite challenging because I only know who I am in this moment. Yes, I can look back and see where I’ve been, blessing it and knowing it’s all been part of my journey here on this earth plain thus far, but what is in my future, I have no idea. Living in the Moment works best for me at this time, that being said I am open to exploring…I guess I could say, deeper self awareness, continued self acceptance and self love…perhaps a clearer vision of the truth and a willingness to be fully present to all I come into contact with,  trusting the guidance, the inner voice Who directs me. And with all that, embracing my humanness. So let’s come together and uncover what is waiting for us in this 2023 year!I will also call in the 12 + “Bringers”  who speak through me. Using my voice, they are creating tones, chants and languages that offer those present an activation, an alignment, and possible recalibration ..these high vibrational energies of sound open a pathway that passes the mind, making room for the higher vibrations of love to anchor themselves in, thus creating a personal symphony just for you.

Susan DeLorenzo has been a part of the Circle of Miracles community since her move to Bucks County from WI in 1998.  In 2009 she became an ordained COM Interfaith minister. She is also facilitator for COM Sunday services. Prior to this she served on the board as VP.  Susan’s dream has been to work collaboratively with a team whose ministry was anchored in love…she found this dream experienced in her last two years on the COM BOD.In her love for Circle and the community, she has now stepped into the role as a Co-Spiritual Director.

Being her authentic self continues to be in the forefront, along with surrendering her beliefs that life should be different than it is…acceptance provides a more peaceful space to live, to be in.

Susan finds that this journey of self awareness, self acceptance, self love, opens a portal for others to join her in this most sacred way of living our best authentic selves…joining in the dance of life we celebrate our uniqueness while realizing we are not separate, we are here together creating miracles.

A little willingness to open up to the truth of our being, provides a softer landing as we navigate this lifetime.

She is an Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Past Life Regression Therapist, Student of the Enneagram, Channeled Vibrational Sound Healer/”Echoes Of Love,” IET, Meditation teacher, and taught CIM at COM Ministry School. Susan has been both a student and teacher of spiritual awareness. Her willingness to see the truth opens a path to self-discovery.

This year she has joined a group of beautiful souls who come together once a week at COM with “A Course of Love” this book facilitates the moving from the head and gut to the Heart…the experience is indefinable, only our hearts know.

. Volunteering at Siloam, an HIV/AIDS Ministry in Philadelphia has expanded her heart, and eyes to a deeper way of being, of knowing that…

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