Sunday Celebration! The Compassionate Heart, The Energy of Wholeness with Margaret Claire Jacobs

Mar 26 2023
10:00 am - 11:30 am
Title of Talk
The Compassionate Heart ,The Energy of Wholeness

In our co-creative time together, I will use Vibrational Heart Toning, Light Language, Dragon sounds that bring forward a guided message regarding who we are in this Now time of recognizing the daily miracles in our everyday life. Each one is here because we choose to be present for this time of Awakening. Each one is discovering the new stories of life already. Even as the swirl of change is occurring, how do we remain, the peace in the storm. I will also give a Channeled Message from The Mothers.

I began this journey in the early 90’s, searching for a connection. I discovered what I wasn’t looking for, then I was led to a coming home when I met my teacher, Diane who opened my gift of Channeling. The rest of the story is about TRUST, FAITH, SELF-LOVE and TRUST.

Every event has led me to Be in this Now time to participate in the NEW EARTH. Over the course of the increasing integration of the frequency of awakening, I have been gifted with Vibrational Heart Toning, Light Language, and Dragon to use to uplift, clear and bring into Being the highest vibrational energy for the good of the All.

In recent times, the expansion of my physical, spiritual and mental merging has offered in daily life, physical body experiences to open the cells for the transmutation of the old carbon DNA to new crystalline DNA activation.

Margaret Claire Jacobs

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