Sunday Celebration! Oneness in Action with Ken Kaplan

Nov 13 2022
10:00 am - 11:30 am

You’re Invited to Sunday Celebration! 

Oneness in Action: The Relationship Between Leaders & the Collective with Ken Kaplan

Oneness in Action

There is an almost universal  declaration in spiritual circles that “we are all one”. But very often, in daily life we do not follow it.. This is especially true of leadership whether it be political, business, religious or otherwise. the claim of oneness falls into blaming of “them” and “they” who “pull the strings”, .”seduce or manipulate the populace” and are the source of many of  our problems.
Ken Kaplan will share his journey, impacted by powerful mystical experiences, that have led him to understand that leadership and the collective are truly one, and how leaders mirror the collective and act as a unified body.. This sharing  will draw on many lenses to offer the perspective. that this POV is literally true in the most profound sense.

Although this position seems counter intuitive to conventional human perception, there is an invitation to get beyond separation, even if it is to establish an inner “North Star” to integrate ”  and to strive for”.


Ken Kaplan has been on the spiritual path for 55 years. His journey has led him through numerous “mini incarnations” with various teachers, philosophical perspectives, orientations, and Divine energy transmissions. He has been a storyteller and performer, primarily for children, a trainer of teachers in Early Childhood for Pennsylvania, a dream interpretation specialist, a gifted presenter throughout the area on spiritual and metaphysical topics, a spiritual and metaphysical advisor, and a medium.

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