Sunday Celebration: Christopher Fromkin

Oct 03 2021
10:00 am - 11:30 am

Title: Failure and Success Are Equal

Speaker Spark: Christopher Fromkin



…As are:

Positive and negative, cosmos and chaos, ascent and descent, freedom and incarceration, presence and absence. How about lies and truth?

Is there a circle large enough to contain all opposites?

A good question might be “How inclusive am I willing to be?”

This question is central in one’s quest to satisfy one’s longing to rest inside of, or prior to, one’s experience of origin, language, association and the claim of individuality. Through the miraculous poetry of language, metaphor, shape, answer and question, let’s tap lightly on the door of equality as well as the = sign itself. Perhaps it will invite you in.



 Birth certificates, blood type, fingerprints, DNA, culture, education, degrees, trainings, memberships, licenses, social security number, relationships, experiences, places, footprints… moving, breathing, naming, shaping, speaking…

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