Sunday Celebration: Solstice Greetings from the World of Spirit…with Lisa Rambow

Dec 19 2021
10:00 am - 11:30 am
This event is free, but all donations are greatly appreciated!

Join us for Sunday Celebration! 

Solstice Greetings from the World of Spirit with Lisa Rambow!

Lisa Rambow will briefly share with us what her life has been like as a channel, a medium, and a white witch. Then she will open herself to the energies of Spirit to offer insight and guidance to those present at Circle of Miracles. She says, “This is going to be a very special Winter Solstice…it is falling very close to the full Moon in Gemini/Cancer…that is a time of communion with your ancestors and breakthroughs…a great time for healing.” Join us!

Lisa Rambow is a nurse, a spiritual medium, a white witch, and a channel for Spirit. She does tarot readings, bone readings, spiritual work, and makes magical products. She is also a writer, an ordained minister, and a Reiki master. She works with the ancestors, the saints, the loa, the faerie kingdom, Jesus, the Holy Trinity, and her beloved Papa Ghede. Her life’s work is to heal, help people, and help them manifest their DREAMS! To find out more, please visit her at

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