Reiki Share: Live in Person @ Circle!

Jun 04 2024
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Reiki Meditation and Reiki Share – Live, In Person at Circle! 

7 – 9 PM   Hosted by Rev. Glenda Smith

LIVE Reiki Share will continue on  the 1st, 3rd and 5th Tuesday evenings IN PERSON @ Circle of Miracles

Reiki Share will be live in person only at Circle of Miracles 7 – 9 PM @ Circle on Tuesday: March 19th Special Vernal Equinox Celebration (6:00PM Pot Luck, 7:00-9:00PM Reiki Share with Live meditation Music), April 2, 16, 30, May 7, 21, June 4, 18 Special Summer Solstice Event, July 2, 16, 30 August 6, 20, September 3, 17 Special Autumnal Equinox Event, October 1, 15, 29, November 5, 19, December 3, 17 Special Solstice Event.

Location: Circle of Miracles, 10 Beulah Road, New Britain, Pa.

Note:  Entrance to Circle of Miracles is the 2nd driveway of the property on Beulah Road.  When you turn in to the driveway, please go around to the parking lot area that is at the rear of the building.  The entrance door is on the lower level of the building.

Rev. Glenda Smith has hosted an open energy share every Tuesday evening for 20 years and teaches all levels of Reiki. She is trained in three different lineages of Reiki & several other healing modalities. All are welcome at Reiki Share. You do not have to be a Reiki practitioner. Come and relax and receive the powerful energy or participate for the whole evening. If you have never experienced Reiki, this is an excellent introduction.

If you have any questions or are interested in a class, contact Rev. Glenda Smith at or 267-218-4254.

Reiki Share is now offered the 2nd and 4th Tuesday evenings ON ZOOM @ Circle of Miracles