Come Experience the Power of The Crystal Skulls

Jul 14 2023
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

In this event you’ll participate in a group crystal skull meditation within the circle of unconditional love that has been created. While you’re in meditation, BobbyLight combines the life force energy of Reiki with the universal wisdom carried by the crystal skulls, who work with him to trigger a profound healing experience.

Through meditation, we can access the Ancient Wisdom stored within the Skulls. Their power increases when they are brought together in a group setting. Ancient civilizations, such as Mayan, Atlantean, and others, used these tools to tap into higher realms of consciousness, dimensions, and timelines. You’re also  invited to bring your personal crystals to be placed within the skull grid for activation.

If you’re feeling called by the skulls, join us for a profound evening.

Location:  Circle of Miracles, 10 Beulah Road, New Britain, PA

Note:  Entrance to Circle of Miracles is the 2nd driveway of the property on Beulah Road.  When you turn into the driveway, please go around to the parking lot area that is at the rear of the building.  The entrance door is on the lower level of the building.

*Dress comfortably

*Give yourself some extra time if you have not been here to this address before