Magical Exploration for Children

Jan 05 2022
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm


We are so excited to offer a unique and fun opportunity for children ages 8 to 11 years old to meet other children interested in exploring and sharing mindfulness, intuitive and metaphysical topics starting in January 2022.   This interactive program will be a combination of Zoom and in person sessions and will be limited to a small class size.

The foundation of the program will be self-awareness, self-love and trusting our inner voice. Our first series of classes will introduce Energy Tools, Tapping Exercises, Crystals and Breathing Meditations.

Classes will be taught by Reverend Annette Kroninger and Reverend Lynda Sands both experienced Elementary School Teachers, Magic Hands Reiki and Mindfulness Teachers for children and both graduates of Circle of Miracles Ministry School.

We are inviting parents to please join us on Zoom to learn more about this Magical Exploration for Children’s program on Wednesday, January 5th at 8:00pm to meet the teachers, discuss the program and ask questions.




-Reverend Annette Kroninger

Annette Kroninger taught elementary ESL and elementary grades for 30 years.   She taught Mindfulness to Preschoolers and their teachers from 2017 to 2019. Annette teaches Magic Hands, (Reiki for Children) and helped to rewrite the Magic Hands Reiki Manual and Program. She also teaches Reiki Master Teachers how to teach Magic Hands to children and helped create and design the Reiki Master Teacher Program.

She is a dedicated, creative and enthusiastic teacher who loves working with children and adults sharing Reiki, Mindfulness, the Healing Arts, Spirituality and Meditation.  She enjoys being a part of their spiritual growth.  Her Energy Work is dedicated to empowering all to remember and believe in themselves and enjoy participating together in a supportive learning community.

Annette is an ordained interfaith minister from the Circle of Miracles Ministry School in New Britain, PA., graduating in June 2015.  She is a Spiritual Coach and facilitates Weddings, Funerals and Life Ceremonies.



-Rev. Lynda Sands

As a retired elementary school teacher, Lynda Sands has had many rewarding experiences working with children of all ages in a healing environment including creating and teaching spiritual and metaphysical classes for children. Lynda also co-created and teaches Magic Hands Reiki for Children. She believes ALL children are intuitive and trusts this universal energy will help them to center and become more balanced. She is dedicated to empowering children to transform themselves in mind, body and soul for their highest good.

Lynda graduated as an ordained interfaith minister from Circle of Miracles in New Britain, PA in June 2015 and performs sacred ceremonies as well as facilitating Sunday Services.


For any questions about the program, please email Annette Kroninger at and Lynda Sands at


To register to the program, email, and you will be sent a zoom link the day before the informational evening.