Sunday Celebration: Loving This Earth with Rev. Cindy Greb

Apr 24 2022
10:00 am - 11:30 am
This event is free, but all donations are greatly appreciated!

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Loving This Earth with Rev Cindy Greb


Earth Day is a fine time for expressing gratitude for this good Earth that gives to us so abundantly. Cynthia will explore her relationship with Nature–her love for it as a young person; her drive to save fields, trees, and wetlands from developers and utility companies; her deepening relationship with Nature during her pilgrimage in 2018, during sweat lodges and water blessing ceremonies, and now, as she has begun to set down roots in the homeland of her ancestors. She hopes her experiences will inspire others to deepen their relationship with this beautiful Mother planet.

Rev. Cynthia Greb enjoys her relationship with trees, animals, the elements, and this beautiful Earth we live upon. In years past, she has led full moon rituals, saved trees, lived on or very near two sacred mountains, and offered prayers at some of the sacred places of this continent. Currently she participates in water blessing ceremonies and deepens her relationship with the land and ecosystems around her home.  One of Cynthia’s favorite hobbies is taking photos of Mother Earth.  She is in the process of developing a new website called

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