Rev. Dr. Louis A. Tenaglia: Sunday Celebration

Sep 19 2021
10:00 am - 11:30 am
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Our Speaker Spark Rev. Dr. Louis A. Tenaglia shares…

The Essence of Karma: The Anchor Dragging on My Life or The Key to My Liberation

Some of my earliest memories of this life include struggles with belonging, acceptance, safety and feeling like I did not fit in a family that felt alien to me. I often wondered why I was here in this body and on this earth. I spent much of early life wandering, choosing one form of distraction or another to dull myself from hurt, never feeling comfortable with myself or others.

When I began to explore the nature of Consciousness through the practice of meditation and meeting my Spiritual Teacher, John-Roger, life began to have meaning and I finally understood my purpose for being here, including the meaning behind the hurts I have felt. One key element of finding meaning was understanding the essence of the karma that I felt was an anchor dragging on my life.

My karma was not leaving me alone and was not going away. Everything about myself that was “imperfect” was persisting and no amount of meditation or prayer was eliminating this “background noise” in my life – my karma. Then, I discovered how to transform my karma from an anchor in my life into the key unlocking my Spiritual Liberation. My karma was a Spiritual Gift wrapped in disappointment, frustration, and judgement. This sharing is learning about the essence of karma, how to know what our individual karma is in this life, how to transform karma from an anchor dragging us down in life into the key to our liberation.


Lou Tenaglia practices his attunement by listening inwardly for Spiritual direction. When working with clients seeking support, help, direction and Light in their lives, Lou allows the connection he has spiritually to bring forward Angelic and Light guided information and insight to live life in acceptance and loving.

The Consciousness Counseling Lou practices uncovers the fundamental karmic patterns in one’s ordinary life and applies the spiritual principles of Acceptance, Compassion, Forgiveness, Unconditional Loving and Soul Identification to those karmic patterns. This approach allows Spirit to bring forward grace and healing. His practice also employs Sound Healing, using 900-year-old Himalayan Tibetan Bowls, whose sound resonance allows for deep meditation and integrated healing to occur.

Since 1978 Lou has been on a conscious spiritual journey, studying, practicing meditation and deep self-reflection, applying these principles to his own life. Lou supports others in their healing process from his own personal healing journey, spiritual experiences and knowing. Lou’s journey includes managing a neck and spinal cord injury from an auto accident with a drunk driver in 2003 requiring major neurosurgery in 2013 restoring his ability to walk and speak in sentences with miraculous recovery.

Lou Tenaglia spent over 32 years in public education as an elementary school teacher and principal. Lou has taught at the graduate level at various colleges and universities in the Phila area for 30 years, helping to train teachers and develop their skills in effective instruction, questioning skills and cooperative discipline strategies. Lou has also designed and facilitated numerous workshops for parents on mindfulness parenting and proven strategies for positive discipline with children with great success. In addition to his professional degrees in the field of education, (Bachelor of Science and Masters in Education and his PA Superintendent of Schools Eligibility), Lou also has a second Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology and a Doctorate in Spiritual Psychology & Sciences from Peace Theological Seminary and College of Philosophy in Santa Monica, California.

Lou is an ordained minister in the church of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness. He performs weddings, baby blessings and funeral services in addition to providing spiritual counseling to individuals and couples. He has been a hospice counselor affiliated with Doylestown Hospital, working with patients in the last stages of life and supporting them and their families through the dying process in peace & Light. He teaches meditation and positive life approach techniques aimed at anchoring Spiritual Light into their consciousness on a daily basis in the most ordinary ways. Lou finds peace in his daily life as an organic gardener, creating bird sanctuaries in his flower and vegetable gardens and as a daily listener of classical music, including being a subscriber and supporter of the Philadelphia Orchestra. Louis is married, his wife Linnie is a quilter. They have 2 grown sons living in California & Nevada. Lou has a thriving private Consciousness Counseling practice in Doylestown, where he works with individuals, couples, children and adolescents, focusing primarily on providing Spiritual insight from the Angelic and Light realms in the form of guidance towards living in acceptance, forgiveness and compassion. You can contact Lou for sessions at 267 261 3609 or at

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