Sunday Celebration! Life as a Medium with Jill Ede

Jul 30 2023
10:00 am - 11:30 am

I will be sharing in brief on how I became a Medium. The information along this path has been vast and wonderful. As a Medium and Intuitive, I’ve been fortunate enough to have been given gifts to read as a Medium, Intuitive, Medical Intuitive, Animal Communicator, visit past lives, work with the Angels, trauma clearing , along with clearing space and working with the Paranormal. I will share some stories and would love to connect  people with messages from their loved ones.

From a young age, I had many experiences with the spirit world. It was a very comfortable place for me to be and I thought that what I experienced was very normal. My unique shyness made it easy for me to have a familiarity with many different layers of existence and to have a natural connection to the spirit world.

As I got older, I gravitated to many energetic healing modalities and skills. These modalities led me to higher levels of intuition and also developed my abilities to channel the Divine.

My skills as a medium, started coming to the forefront of my life the last several years. My paternal grandmother had a lifelong career as a certified healer, medium and ordained minister of a Spiritualist Church. She would often come to me in spirit form and encourage me to carry on with my connections with the Divine because it brought me great joy and happiness.

Christmas day 2019, I had a profound experience on the beach that was quickly followed by many more. From these experiences, I know our loved ones live on in a beautiful way. We are in an era on this earth where our ancestors want to be part of our daily lives. They want to encourage us to reach for our dreams and live in alignment with our souls true happiness. They are here to help.

Jill Ede


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