Sunday Celebration! Inquiry into Awakening with Jeff P.

Jun 18 2023
10:00 am - 11:30 am

It is useful for a time to encourage and benefit from spiritual scholarship and all attempts to place ourselves in a progress-oriented context, aiming for an enlightenment catharsis one fine day.

Then, if and when we’ve had enough of the endless carousel of ‘myself’, a companion intelligence can arise that neither seeks nor rejects. We come to appreciate the spontaneity of experience arising and wean ourselves from having to assert or presume any context at all. We’re relieved of our perpetual reliance upon hypothetical and anecdotal consciousness.

 This new quality of seeing, an intimate textural immediacy, reveals the pause, the inherency of impersonal being and release from the imposition of experiential time. It takes a little getting used to since our reflex is to apprehend the mercurial nature of being as having something to do with the image we have of ourselves when in fact reality takes no notice of the imagery we hold so dear.

This is about the intimacy of present encounter, free from the common deferrals we harbor as seekers on a path. It is not for public consumption.


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