Concert: David Young & Friends: A Celtic-Inspired New Age Vocal & Instrumental Collaboration Concert, Kirtan & Meditation

Aug 14 2022
5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

A Celtic-Inspired New Age Vocal & Instrumental Collaboration Concert, Kirtan & Meditation

Join David Young & Friends at Circle for a fabulous immersion in spirituality and music!

Imagine going into another dimension where the live music soothes your soul and mystical-inspired art surrounds you. This magnificent dimension is now a powerful reality.

David Young has captured this power through his soulful healing music, meditations, art and spiritual wisdom alongside his eclectic band.

An award winning artist, author, painter and musician – Young showcases his eclectic style with unique and talented musicians to create a captivating sound experience of Celtic-inspired acoustic music enhanced with soul-soothing mandolin and earthy native drums.

David Young, Grammy Nominated Double Flautist and Author or Channeling (George) Harrison

August 14th from 5 – 8 PM at Circle of Miracles.

Tickets $25 in advance/$30 at the door

Bio: David Young is an award winning artist, author and musician well known for playing two renaissance flutes in harmony. He has recorded many albums over an illustrious career and sold over one million copies.     David’s music, revered for its soothing sounds and healing properties, is a staple in hospitals, healing centers and spas throughout the country.

David travels throughout the country hosting his signature workshops, A Portal Between Heaven and Earth, which blends his healing music with his enlightening guided meditations, and where countless attendees report remarkable experiences. These experiences are the inspiration for many of David’s songs and paintings, and chronicled in his book, “The True Story of Jesus and His Wife Mary Magdalena.”     In addition to David’s many talents, he is also a gifted channeler. Through his music and art, David channels messages from the heavenly realms bringing healing messages and hope.David’s abstract art reflects stories of ancient wisdom and actual events through brilliant colors and impressions.   His music and personal readings have brought healing and revelations to people for decades, serving as a bridge to the ethereal realms of goodness and light.    Through his many talents and gifts,  David Young offers the world hope, vision and self empowerment.