Channeling with Michelle Bunting

Jan 19 2022
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
Michelle will be offering an evening of channeling to our community, with all proceeds going to Circle. We are very thankful Michelle is sharing her beautiful gift and helping Circle of Miracles at the same time.
Michelle will start with a few minutes of introduction of her gift, and then will be channeling, answering questions from participants.
The quantum model of reality Michelle works with is about causing an effect. The vision we can gain from a channeling session, allows us to implement the guidance from infinite intelligence to change how we think and feel, helps us feel appreciation before a desired event is made manifest.

As an educator of the quantum mechanics of the Law of Attraction, Michelle navigates clients through the Process of Creating the Life You Want through her multi-pronged approaches and through her speaking engagements.  Also known as The Consciousness Cultivator and Channel for the family of teachers called Seth, Michelle offers in person appointments for spiritual awakening services at Excitari Wellness Center in Medford, NJ. Going within your Higher Self to connect with the Oneness of All That Is is an awakening, transformative experience. While there are many paths to each awakening experience, Michelle offers techniques learned along her own awakening journey, and from the guidance received from Source, which revealed her ability to channel Infinite Intelligence and propelled her in to the service of others in each of their awakening journeys.  Past Life Regressions, Akashic Records Guidance, Life Coaching, Private and Group Channeling Sessions, and Future Life Progressions are now offered for in person appointments.  If you’d like to see Michelle’s upcoming channeling events, you can visit Michelle’s channeling website at:     If you’d like to learn more about Past Life Regressions or Vibrational Coaching, you can text or call Michelle at (609) 379-3394 or  visit Michelle’s Website:

The cost for the class is $20 per person.
 1-To register please pay on the Circle of Miracles website through Pay/ Donate button for PayPal, make sure you add: Michelle’s January Offering on the note section of PayPal.
2-Then send an email to, you will be sent the zoom link the day prior to the event.
Looking forward to seeing you all there.