Casa Meditation/Current of Energy with the Entities of Light

Jul 07 2021
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

The next Casa Meditation will be Wednesday, April 5.

Hosted by Rev. Elaine Berk – Please join on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month

Come Be Immersed in the Current of Energy of The Entities of Light & Love

Rev Elaine Berk will hold sacred space for a 60-minute meditation with The Entities of Light. This meditation will align with the powerful energy of the “Current” meditations held at The Casa in Brazil on Wednesday afternoon at the same time.

The Entities of Light is a collective term that refers to Saints, “Spirit Doctors,” Ascended Masters and Divine Beings of Love and Light — who are dedicated to working with and through “The Casa” — and with all individuals throughout the world who seek them out for help, healing, growth, guidance, ascension and deeper connection.

In this ‘Current’, we remain open to receive and willing to do the work.  Keeping our physical eyes closed and our spiritual eyes open – we connect with our true home. We hold an intention of doing the best work we can with The Entities’ help from beyond the veil – always for our highest good and deepest healing.

These ‘Spirit Doctors’ are actually people who lived on Earth. And now, by choice, they remain, as Spiritual Helpers, on the Earthly plane dedicating their out-of-body existence, and clear connections to the Divine, to help heal mankind. In the truest sense, these multidimensional healers are the original ‘Doctors without Borders.’  And miracles abound

It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of these Entities of Light & Love work in front of and behind the scenes at The Casa — and elsewhere – including St. Ignatius of Loyola (the founder of the Jesuit order and who the Casa is named for), Dr. Oswaldo Cruz (credited with stopping the epidemics of bubonic plague and yellow fever in Brazil), St. Rita (who works with the impossible), Mother Mary, Mary Magdelene, Yeshua, King Solomon, King David, St Padre Pio, Francis Xavier, Dr Augusto (known to reach the depths of the abyss to help a soul), Dr Valdevino (who works with the hardest spinal cases including those who are quadriplegic) , Jose Penteado, Sister Sheila, St Germaine, and many other deceased physicians, surgeons, saints, theologians and notable figures in their human lifetimes.

Please Join Us for these powerful meditations as we come together as One with The Entities of Light and Love. Donations to Circle of Miracles gratefully accepted!

Rev. Elaine Berk is a Circle of Miracles ordained minister, a former psychotherapist, an educator, a certified hypnotherapist, an energy psychology practitioner, a certified past life regression therapist, a Reiki, Advanced IET & Pranic Healing practitioner, and a daughter of The Casa & spiritual guide who, along with her partner Judi, brings seekers on healing pilgrimages to The Casa in Brazil.  Elaine also offers Entities’ Crystal Bed healing sessions here in PA.

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