Sunday Celebration: Barbara Caruso

Oct 24 2021
10:00 am - 11:30 pm
Title: My Spiritual Opening at 60: Aging as a Catalyst for Change


My spirituality was late to surface as I had been raised Catholic and in the traditional medical model as a RN. After Lyme disease brought me to a disability status, I finally turned to the non-medical healing modalities to help me overcome chronic fatigue! After a NDE I also was aware of a consciousness that I needed to be connected to and my Mediumship gifts which were opened up at age 60 – after a one hour class on are your psychic! Dealing with aging can often shut down our comfort level and opportunities due to ageism. Fortunately my spirituality enhanced my understanding that the universe can put a halt on aging as long as we ask our guides to help us stay on a path of spiritual growth and allow our brain powers to be challenged.


Barbara has been a RN for 45 years and a college professor for ten. Having done her doctoral theses on AIDS and Compassion Training for Medical Professionals she changed the way medical health care providers were trained by using Guest Speakers as educators as a model for experiential learning. Blessed to be connected to spiritually evolved local groups after a Medium helped her accept the other sides connections, Barbara was then honored to become a gifted Medium on her own realm helping specifically those who lost loved one to Suicide and reconnecting them to their earth families! Barbara continues to do battle with the many ways society continues to insist on the “graying of the senior citizen” and she plans to open more doors of acceptance through her talks on aging in partnership with your spiritual self!

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