Sunday Celebration: Alphabet Soup & No More Middles — My Deeper Dive into Oneness and 2022 with Elaine Berk

Jan 02 2022
10:00 am - 11:30 am
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Join us for Sunday Celebration with Rev Elaine Berk! 

Alphabet Soup & No More Middles…My Deeper Dive into Oneness and 2022

How the 2 year Covid deep dive, 2 Covid affected trips to The Casa in Brazil, 2 major changes at The Casa, and 2 years with a modern day mystic shifted my perspective on enlightenment, light, humanness, self-love, Oneness and 2022!

Having spent a lifetime looking inward and always trying to go deeper, the confluence of events in Elaine’s life – changes as The Casa, Covid, extended time with a wisdom keeper, a deeper dive into her humanness, and self love — provided her another opportunity to do so. And what Elaine found to be true for herself is: above all, deep abiding self- love in all its forms is essential; and she doesn’t need a middle person, a middle place, and a middle presence. She is the ascended being, vortex.

Elaine described what happened in this process as total confusion. It was as if everything she knew, felt and trusted had been tossed in the air and was floating around like a bowl of alphabet soup –no longer held in place by gravity. There was nothing to grasp onto. She was so confused, she could no longer pray in the same way; she struggled with words, and it upended some of her energy, crystal bed and guided travel work.

But Elaine believes there is a gift in everything, and in this was an opening to move even more deeply into self-love and oneness in a very different way. Oneness was no longer a concept that she understood intellectually or a concept that she experienced outdoors in nature. Oneness had become something to see, breathe, feel, know, and be… moment to moment. It has been (and will continue to be) a process – but Elaine feels it could not have happened without a deeper experience of self-love.

When this process came to a head with a recent scheduled trip to The Casa, she was tapped on her shoulder to share what had transpired with the Circle Community. When she didn’t listen, she was tapped harder and the messages kept coming in louder and stronger. There’s a good chance that what she is sharing today isn’t anything new, but perhaps you will hear it with new ears – as Elaine invites you to take what you like, leave the rest; and love and honor yourself, always.

Over the past 45 years, I’ve collected a lot of tools, titles and letters before and after my name, and a lot of things that I can do that I’m really incredibly gifted at…but honestly, right now, I’m not sure that is what is being called forth from me.

Prior to these past two years, and even in moments now (as it is a process) — I was searching for answers outside myself. I accumulated all these tools and credentials — to help me, and others, on our path to enlightenment.

What I believe now is that we are all already enlightened. We are already where we are trying to get to. We always have been. We are God and we have every frequency of everything contained within us. I have everything I need inside, I always have. I just need to trust and to remember.

So my Bio can read that I Am. I Am a holy trinity….my human self, my soul and my highest self. And all of that is love. I no longer believe that I (or anyone) needs to be fixed, changed, improved, or healed. This has made me question all the tools and trainings I learned to get here. If I Am (my holy trinity presence)…then everything is possible.

Human ego would have me list: psychotherapist, college educator, Reverend, founder of the non-profit KidSpirit, founder of the educational division for K’NEX, marketing/PR person, writer/editor, shamanic practitioner, quantum past life therapist, Reiki/Pranic Healing/Energy Psychology/IET practitioner, multi-sensory sound/frequency healing, member of the COM Board, Spiritual Travel Guide with Connecting Journeys, Daughter of the Casa, and the list goes on….

But in the unfolding of the past two years, things are shifting and I’m a little bit in the midst of alphabet soup with this list. These things got me here…to where I am today…and I am incredibly grateful.

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