New Ministry School Class Starting in 2024!
June 6, 2022

Under the direction of Ministry School Director Rev Glenda Smith, the Circle of Miracles School of Divine Ministry will start a new class in 2024.

The Circle Of Miracles School of Divine Ministry mission is to offer a unique, loving, nurturing space for self-expression and enhancement of our spiritual journey; to provide tools that empower our lives, and to provide opportunities for conscious awareness of self, service, and appreciation of unconditional love.

The School of Divine Ministry provides students opportunities to explore personal growth and knowledge needed to perform rituals.  In addition, exploring all traditions offers an opportunity for broader acceptance and understanding of the many practiced faiths and spiritual practices of our fellow human beings. The SoDM educates and empowers individuals for spiritual service that serves humanity.

Our Inspirational Path

Circle Of Miracles School of Divine Ministry is a unique, interfaith ministry, offering an open, honest environment that is safe, serene, and supportive. Under guidance of Spirit/God, individuals can uncover and nurture their own special purpose for being.

We aspire to a higher path by:

  • Letting go of fear and allowing ourselves to be guided by love.

  • Discovering the Truth seeded deeply in our hearts before we were born.

  • Celebrating our uniqueness and accepting ourselves for who we are.

  • Honoring others’ paths with grace and generosity of heart.

  • Regarding each other as already perfect creations of The Divine.

  • Beholding ourselves and others with love and compassion.

  • Finding the best in ourselves and sharing that in service to others.

  • Knowing that we are loved by The Divine, unconditionally.

  • Teaching only love and leaving the world a little lighter.

As we nurture our very essence, LOVE, we are revealing our LIGHT and our purpose to be a unique point of Spirit’s view

Circle is an Inclusive and Equitable Community

For more information, click here Circle School of Divine Ministry.  

For more specific information and a personal conversation — contact Rev Glenda Smith at or call (267) 218-4254.