Sunday Celebration

12/24/2017 - Topic: "Mary Did You Know?"
Speaker/Spark: Rev. Sharon Cristofalo will facilitate a special Divine Star Meditation at 10am

Please join us for a lovely festive celebration of healing meditation, music and community.

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Rev. Sharon Cristofalo, MA, PT

Divine Star Meditation 10-10:30 am 
(before Sunday Celebration) 
“Experience a truly exceptional form of healing”
Sharon has been blessed and gifted with a unique healing energy of unconditional love and deep peace.   She is sharing her gift of channeling  ‘Touch of Christ Consciousness’ with us. It is a unique, beautiful, loving and highly concentrated energy of the Divine, intended to raise each person’s vibration to a higher level. 
Many have experienced a profound, deep love and peace after the meditation.
Rev. Sharon Kachel will enhance the meditation with her healing tones of chimes, bells and gongs.

Spark: Mary Did You Kow? 
Millions and millions of people have been born, lived and left a legacy. What is your story and legacy? There is one who has been born, lived a short life and left a legacy of touching billions and billions of lives over 2000 years.  
The Divine Plan.
Mary, did you know? 
Hope you will join us in honor of Jesus' birth and legacy.

Thanks to Carol Heffler for special music

Rev. Sharon Cristofalo, MA, PT is an Ordained Interfaith Minister, a Physical Therapist and an exceptional, evolutionary multidimensional energy healer. She has intuitively incorporated over a dozen healing modalities into one integrated technique called “Sacred Brilliance”. Each person who leaves a Sacred Brilliance session, responds with a “Wow”, and has had a truly profound, deep healing and integrative experience. A central focus of her many high vibrational intuitive gifts is a new modality of unconditional love and deep peace emanating through her from the Divine, ‘Touch of Christ Consciousness’. Each person who has experienced her meditations are amazed and grateful at the wonderful, loving and peaceful energy they have received. 215-920-9453

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Experience the feeling of Circle Of Miracles!

Every Sunday from 10am to 12pm
10 Beulah Road, New Britain, PA 18901

This unique, nondenominational celebration offers an open, loving environment for finding inner peace, inviting everyone to express their spirituality in a joyful, serene and accepting atmosphere. Here is a sample program you can download:

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