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12/17/2017 - Topic: Mission Possible - Especially at Circle of Miracles
Speaker/Spark: Patricia Gallagher

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Mission Possible 
Especially at Circle of Miracles 

Patricia Gallagher experienced something miraculous the last time she spoke at the Circle of Miracles service. She thought her marriage to John was over. Forever. After all, they had been separated since 2001, except for a short period when he moved back home, as a “room-mate” to help with a kid issue.
But God works in mysterious ways. Sometimes gigantic life transformations come through simple things such as - another couple’s example. Patricia shared a “spark” at the COM service in September of 2016 about The Happy Flower Day Project. Her eyes were drawn to something special about a couple seated in the audience.

She noticed the wife being affectionate towards her husband, hand on his back and rubbing his neck lovingly. They seemed so comfortable. She sent her a Facebook message, and asked if the husband was sick.  She responded that she just liked to do that. Patricia thought, "That's what I would like also.”

She longed for a happy and healthy relationship with someone. But who would that be?

That’s where the miracle happened. John and Trisha did not DO anything. They did not have a long talk about feelings. They did not go to counseling. They did not make any decisions. They did not talk about past issues, painful endings, or misunderstandings. 
A new glorious life unfolded, naturally or perhaps, supernaturally.

Join Patricia as she shares the miraculous journey that began with an observation at Circle of Miracles

BIO: Patricia Gallagher is the Creator of the "Send a Team of Angels to Help" Movement and the author of The Gift of Believing in Yourself, The Gift of Goodbye and The Gift of Changing Yourself. She is an Empowerment Specialist and Spiritual Life Counselor at the Empowering U Center. She has appeared on Oprah and other national shows. She is the mother of 4 adult children and two grandchildren. She holds a BA from Villanova University and an MBA from Saint Joseph's University.

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