Sunday Celebration

12/10/2017 - Topic: What Does True Service Mean for Ourselves and Others?
Speaker/Spark: Annette Kroninger

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What Does True Service Mean for Ourselves and Others?
What Can I Offer as a Valued Service to Others? 

Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “The best way to find yourself is lose yourself in the service of others.”  What we do for others, we do for ourselves.  Doing Service is spreading the light and the love that comes naturally from within and unites us all.  Come and explore the many aspects of Being of Service.

Rev. Annette Kroninger is a retired public school elementary ESL and classroom teacher and continues to love teaching children and adults Reiki and Energy Healing. She has been teaching and practicing Reiki, Reconnective Healing, Meditation, etc. since 1998 and is an ordained Interfaith Minister and Spiritual Coach from Circle of Miracles. Annette now volunteers to present the Spiritual Seeds at Sunday Services, is the Secretary of the Board, a member of the Guardians, co=facilitates the Mystical Women’s Circle and is the Committee Chair of the Circle of Comfort Prayer Group. She is dedicated to empowering all to remember and believe in themselves.

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