Sunday Celebration

05/28/2017 - Topic: Blossoming into the Flower of Life
Speaker/Spark: Sharon Kachel

Rev. Sharon Kachel

Blossoming into the flower of life

As we choose and grow, all our guides and angels watch and assist us. In the words of my favorite guide," and I flower with you." I will go into the emotional healing our bodies go through with Reiki and IET.

Rev. Sharon Kachel 

Improving the quality of people’s lives is the objective in all that she does. She heals people, pets, horses and properties by raising their frequency through sound, reiki, IET, sacred geometry and meditation. This creates new beginnings, bringing us to new heights, assisting us in grounding deeply into the earth and our lives. Rev. Sharon Kachel is a COM interfaith minister who serves to raise the vibration. She uses very special bells and tuning forks to open people up so that they receive the healing that they seek. With the use of Reiki, she channels the love and wisdom of God to help herself and others heal. Compassion is tangible and here for all to receive. She is currently writing "Body and mind in Sync with Spirit". She has a small family, a husband, a daughter, with lots of pets, plants, and crystals. She is a minister, counselor, a friend to many, and an energetic healer.

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