Sunday Celebration

05/07/2017 - Topic: Sacred Geometry, Ancient Greeks, and the Book of Genesis
Speaker/Spark: Rev. Annabella Wood

Speaker: Rev. Annabella Wood

Sacred Geometry, Ancient Greeks, and the Book of Genesis

With spring moving into summer we see nature bursting forth with life of all forms. Where did it all start? Creation stories come in many forms, but they share a few common features. We will explore together the first "seven movements" of creation looking most closely at the perspectives of sacred geometry, ancient Greeks and the Book of Genesis. How do they complement each other? How do they tie into the idea that we are all one? Come ready to play in the beauty of all that is

Rev. Annabella Wood is "the quantum-physic musing, singing/song writing, Work of Byron Katie facilitating, handy-woman, minister Truck Driving Mama!" She is an instructor at and graduate of the Circle of Miracles School of Ministry (2012) and a certified facilitator of "The Work" of Byron Katie. She holds her BS in "The Metaphysics of Quantum Physics." She was a student of A Course in Miracles and a friend and student of Byron Katie for 14 years before moving to PA. Her experience with and facilitation skills of The Work of Byron Katie are second to none in the Philadelphia area.

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