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Facilitated by Tom Osher
Starts:  5/11/2017 7 PM
Ends:  5/11/2017 9 PM
Location:  Circle Of Miracles
This month's guest: Ken Kaplan

The Charmed Circle at Circle - A Metaphysical Salon
Every 2nd Thursday of the month

Facilitated by Tom Osher

Ken Kaplan has been one of the regular speakers and leaders of Circle of Miracles Community. He is a legendary Story Teller, singer, author and Interpreter of Dreams. He is a student of the channeled Michael Teaching which he shares, along with other topics during frequent Speaking/Teaching engagements at local centers.
He has introduced a "cut to the Chase" Healing Meditation technique which is used at monthly "KK Mastery" MeetUps at Greg Campisi's. He, himself, has a monthly Meditation MeetUp in Media, PA.

Ken is both widely read and Spiritually Experienced. Come with your Big Questions and listen to him expound! He also has been a good friend to me and our local New Age Community.

The Charmed Circle @ Circle is where "Circles' Stars" come out at night!  A Metaphysical Salon inspired by those of Gertrude Stein and her "Charmed Circle"
Tom Osher, as Gertrude's reincarnationed brother Leo, will act as host to a variety of local Metaphysical Speakers, Practitioners and Artists who may speak at Circle of Miracles' Sunday Service, but make themselves available in a more intimate, personal setting on a weekday night! 

For questions or to RSVP:
Tom (267) 235-5057; tomosher@gmail.com

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